Belt Buckles


Buckles for men and women to match our high-end seal fur belts.  

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Gorgeous Men’s and Women’s Belt Buckles, We Have a Style for You!

Buckles for men and women to match our high-end sealskin belts. Our selection ranges from simple and practical to stylish and feminine. Our Swarovski crystal-studded belts go perfectly with our black and natural sealskin belts. Our belts come separately, so mix and match our different styles to create a unique look that’s perfect for you.


Black Pattern, Blue Design without Stones, Brushed Silver, Gold Textured, Large Oval with Blue and Clear Stones, Oval Black with Stones, Oval Silver Pattern, Oval with Blue Stones, Oval with Clear Stones, Oval with Flowers and Stones, Oval with Red Stones, Rectangle with Blue Stones, Rectangle with Pink Stones, Silver Pattern with Gold Trim, Silver Textured, Sliver with Star Burst, Three Pink Hearts

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