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Blaine Myles, a retired languages teacher, is a visual artist based in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Having previously been best known for his ink and mixed media sketching, slate and plastics, Myles’ most recent works are predominantly of sealskin.  
The subject matter of his pieces speaks to the rich visual landscapes and fauna of Newfoundland and Labrador, anchoring their larger, and intrinsic “sense of place”.  Myles has sold internationally (principally online), and undertakes commission work upon request.
From the artist:
“I am a minimalist by nature; I often see the world in silhouette. Less is more. The suggestion of shape and movement lends itself easily to the combined media of sealskin with watercolour and ink.
I’m most inspired by the dynamic lines of Newfoundland’s natural world, but in ways that capture this complexity in the simple play between shading and shape.  It’s in the meeting of the perfectly detailed natural materials with the simplicity of their graphic placement that creates resonance.  It speaks to the stark and austere quality of Newfoundland’s beauty.”

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Donna White

Donna White’s designs are unmatched by anyone in the province. Having had a knack for design since childhood, Donna’s skills were perfected during her Dressmaking and Tailoring education, and during her time as the Artistic Production Manager at the Rankin Inlet Craft Shop. Donna eventually went on to open her own business, Donna’s Sewing Shop. 

Even after taking a break to raise her children, Donna dedicated much of her spare time to making pieces for graduations and weddings. In 2016, she began to advertise her services again, as Donna’s Sewing Creations.

In 2017, Donna began to incorporate sealskin into her designs, under the name Mo-Na Sealskin Products. One of her most notable designs is the Sealskin Whale Tail for the Merby’s Calendar, a Newfoundland & Labrador fundraiser by the Beard and Mustache club.

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