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Meet Fur Culture.

Fur Culture delivers unique designs for the unique individual.  Our designs combine natural beauty and excellent quality while never compromising on fashion. Our extraordinary raw products, which include Newfoundland and Inuit Seal fur, are artfully crafted with the utmost skill and care.  Fur Culture is committed to ensuring this excellence is captured in every creation, from the quiet simplicity of a key chain to the bold statement of a fur coat.


Every single product we carry is carefully crafted with natural materials, including fur, leather, and wool. Synthetics? No thanks. Natural materials are best for the environment, and they’re guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

Based in Newfoundland, we are proudly donate a percentage of our earnings to the Newfoundland Sealer’s association.


Fur never goes out of style. Quality pieces made with natural materials and crafted with expertise will always be timeless. Our products are classic pieces to be cherished and treasured for a lifetime.


Our products are made with the finest selections of natural furs, leathers, and wools. Our products are carefully crafted by the finest designers, whose attention to detail and high standard of quality matches our own.


Who said beauty is pain? At Fur Culture, the comfort of our products is of the utmost important. Our pieces are carefully designed with warmth and comfort in mind, because 

We are a small, but hardworking team. Our storefront is based out of downtown, St. John’s, Newfoundland, where we were founded and developed. Our products are composed of Newfoundland and Inuit seal fur, and are crafted internationally in different parts of the world, including Greenland, Italy, and Portugal.

Based in Newfoundland

St. John's, Newfoundland is the place we proudly call home.

Made With Love

All products are masterfully crafted with care and love.

Ethically Sourced

Fur comes from animals caught humanely in the wild.

Style and Comfort

We believe fashion and comfort should go hand in hand.

fur culture sealskin coat seal fur coat sealskin products

See for yourself.


We ship anywhere in Canada.

Best Quality

We promise the finest quality leather and fur products.

Best Offers

We offer the best prices you can't find anywhere else.

Secure Payments

We offer safe shopping guarantee.

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